Pet Vaccination in Scarsdale NY


Pet Vaccination in Scarsdale NY

Pet vaccination is an important part of pet wellness and preventative care in Scarsdale NY. At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, we strongly encourage pet owners to vaccinate their pets and get their pets booster shots on a regular basis.

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The Benefit of Pet Vaccines

There are many benefits to vaccinating your pet!

  • Improved quality of life. Pet vaccinations protect your pet from common illnesses and deadly diseases. By keeping your pet safe from viruses, you can help your pet enjoy improved quality of life overall.
  • Reduced veterinary bills. Protecting your pet from illnesses means that your pet may be sick less often and may need fewer treatments from your pet’s veterinarian in order to stay healthy. This can reduce your pet’s veterinary bills.
  • Improved public safety. The rabies vaccine can help prevent the spread of rabies throughout the animal population. Since this disease can pass from animals to humans, the rabies vaccine is a matter of public safety.

Core and Non-Core Vaccines

At Central Animal Hospital, we offer a range of core and non-core vaccines for our pet patients. Core vaccines are administered to all pets regardless of their risk factors, while non-core vaccines are only administered to pets who are at risk for those types of diseases. Examples of the core vaccines includes rabies, distemper (for dogs) and calcivirus (for cats). Non-core vaccines may include Bordetella bronchiseptica (dogs and cats), immunodeficiency virus (for cats) and parainfluenza virus (for dogs).

As a pet owner, you don’t have to decide which non-core vaccines are right for your dog or cat. Your vet at Central Animal Hospital can assess your pet’s risk for those viruses, and will recommend vaccines based on your pet’s risk.

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At Central Animal Hospital, we serve all the towns of Westchester County. We offer vaccines to pets of all types, not just dogs and cats. To find out more about how we can help protect your pet from illnesses, Make An Appointment today at 914-723-1250.