Parasite Prevention: Keeping Pets Pest Free

Advice from Our Veterinarian in Scarsdale

Keeping parasites away from your pet is a year-round concern, but the problem becomes even more critical during the summer months as these creatures reach their peak activity. In addition to flea & tick prevention, owners must worry about heart worms and other internal parasites. That is why our veterinarian in Scarsdale wants to make sure you know what you can and should do about these pests.

To confirm a possible flea problem, try placing your dog or cat over a white towel and combing through his hair with a fine toothed comb. You may see tiny dark specks fall onto the towel; these are most likely fleas. you may also spot dirty-looking areas on the belly or behind the ears. This “dirt” is actually the defecation left by fleas — a sure sign of infestation. We can prescribe medicated shampoos to remove any fleas still inhabiting your pet’s fur.

Many preventative medications on the market or available by prescription are capable of killing both fleas and ticks, and we encourage you to give your pet this double-edged protection if possible. (Not all flea and tick medications are an ideal fit for every kind of animal.) Frontline and Advantix are two examples of popular preventatives that are applied topically. You may also have the option of an oral medication such as NexGard.

Flea, Tick and Heart Worm Prevention at Our Clinic

Worms can prove hazardous to our pet’s health in a variety of ways. Some of these creatures enter the body via flea or tick bites, making flea and tick prevention a higher priority. Heart worms are transmitted by mosquito bite and gravitate toward the heart and lungs, gradually causing these vital organs to fail. Fortunately we can provide a preventative medication called Heartguard to protect your pet against this parasite as well.

Contact Central Animal Hospital for flea/tick prevention and/or heartworm prevention today. We can help your pet get through the summer in good health!

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