National Dog Day


Get ready for National Dog Day on August 26, 2019!

At Central Animal Hospital, our Scarsdale NY veterinarian and staff are gearing up for National Dog Day! What a joyous event to celebrate the pawed best friends in our lives. We can’t stress enough how much paying attention to the needs of your furry four-legged family member is essential to their overall well-being. Let us show you some ways to maintain the health of your pet on this special day.

What do they want?

Every dog is an asset to our well-being. Treating them with kindness and love through veterinarian care takes their health a step further to their longevity. Below are some essentials to remember when it comes to the care of your canine:

  1. Annual checkups and examinations – If you bring your dog into our Scarsdale NY clinic on National Dog Day for an annual exam, we’ll offer a discount on services rendered, depending on what type of treatment your dog needs. Not only will our veterinarian thoroughly examine your pet, but they’ll receive a special treat at the end of their checkup.
  2. Flea and tick treatments – As summer is in full swing, those pesky little annoyances that can cause diseases to your dog to require treatment. Allow our caring staff to recommend flea and tick solutions that will also provide relief for your dog who is itching, scratching, and uncomfortable.
  3. Dental care – Every dog has tooth decay at some point in their lives. From the moment they begin to chew and digest food, that’s the moment they need adequate dental care. Whether you offer at-home teeth brushing, or seek pet dental care from one of our experts, Central Animal Hospital offers comprehensive dental care for your dog.
  4. Healthy treats – No celebration is topnotch without healthy chewables for your dog. Give them what they deserve on National Dog Day. Our veterinarian can offer nutritional suggestions.

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