Importance of Trimming Your Pet’s Nails


Never Neglect to Trim Your Pet’s Nails

It is important to provide a pet nail trim on a regular basis for your pets. Dogs and cats are different in the use of their nails, but both are much more comfortable when a regular grooming of the nails is done. Out team at Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, NY understands the importance of pet nail trimming and offers excellent service.


Dogs are especially vulnerable to nails that grow too long. If they are confined indoors or have grass as a frequent substitute to hard surfaces, the nails will need more frequent trimmings. Concrete and asphalt surfaces will help to keep nails sharpened and healthy, requiring less time for trimming. Depending on the breed and diet, 2-4 weeks is adequate for a nail trim.

Dogs are prone to using their toes for walking. This is referred to as digitigrade walking. When nails become too long, the ability to walk comfortably on the toes becomes difficult and the gait can suffer. Arthritis and an uneven gait can result, causing your dog to be uncomfortable.


As cats age, their desire to sharpen their claws on a scratching post or furniture becomes less active. Their claws will begin to curve and stab the pad, causing an infection. Routine trimming can save your cat from being in pain and needing medication. Inside kittens love to find any surface to instinctively scratch and release pheromones to mark their territory. Ripped furniture can be a result.

We Can Help

If you are afraid of harming your pet by trimming their nails, our team at Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, NY will show you how it is done. Set up regular appointments or ask for tips in caring for your pet’s nails. Your pets deserve to be happy and healthy. By taking the time to learn about grooming nails, you will keep them satisfied.