Happy Cats


A Healthy Cat Is a Happy Cat in Scarsdale NY

If you feel that your cat may be unhappy due to an injury or illness, bring them into Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY for veterinarian care right away. Here are some tips to help you tell if your cat is happy. Let’s start with body language!

Happy Cat Body Language

Look for ear, fur, eye and body positions that indicate your cat is content or upset. A relaxed kitty often rests with their front paws tucked under, with their ears forward. Their half-mast eyelids may give them a sleepy look. An eye-blink in response to your look or touch indicates a happy feline.

Sudden dilation signals arousal-happiness — this may occur when you fill the food bowl. However, sudden dilation can indicate stress as well. When your cat holds her whiskers forward accompanied by a relaxed tail and smooth fur, this indicates happiness. A joyful kitty holds his tail straight up — a crooked tip is a greeting to human and animal friends, almost like a friendly wave.

Is Your Cat Engaged and Confident?

Bored cats may oversleep and need stimulation and attention. Does your cat supervise everything that’s going on in your home? This is a happy, engaged kitty. Perhaps your feline is more dignified, watching events unfold from a safe distance. This is normal cat behavior. Also, most cats have a stranger danger default built-in. Happy cats react cautiously but without fear. Confident, friendly cats are probably among the happiest.

Playtime All the Time

If your cat is well-socialized, they may want to play all the time. Kittens are wonderful because they seem to only have a happy mood. Playing is a great way to bond with kittens as well as your adult cats. As your cat ages, play activity diminishes. However, many cats continue to play at some level. Paw-patting, kitty wrestling and chasing toys aren’t for every feline, but these are all indications of a healthy, happy cat with lots of energy.

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If your cat seems oddly listless and low-energy or shows signs of distress, it may be time for a veterinarian visit with the experienced team at Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale NY. Contact us today to Make An Appointment for a wellness check.