Dog Boarding in Scarsdale


Dog Boarding in Scarsdale

Did you know we offer dog boarding in Scarsdale at Central Animal Hospital? The next time you travel, keep your pets with us and rest easy knowing your precious pets are well cared for while you are away.

couple holding dog in their home in scarsdale

Why Leave Your Pet With Our Scarsdale Veterinarian?

You have options when it comes to boarding your pet while you travel, so why should you leave your dog with our Scarsdale veterinarian? 

For pets with special needs, veterinarian boarding makes sense. If your pet needs medication, has health issues, is recovering from injury, or is high need, you require a trustworthy dog sitter who knows how to care for your pet. What better person to look after your dog than our team of vet techs and veterinarians? 

Our Scarsdale vets look in on boarded pets and can quickly respond to any health issue that arises. We also know your pet and we know what their normal is. Can you say the same for a dog sitter or kennel owner? 

Even if your pet does not have special needs, it can reduce your worries to know a veterinarian is just a few steps away. 

Our Pet Boarding in Scarsdale

We have two live-in vet techs who look after boarded pets 24/7 and we only hire veterinary assistants and licensed veterinary technicians to work in our pet boarding facility. This means that only animal wellness professionals interact with your pets. 

We provide separate boarding areas for dogs and cats at our Scarsdale animal hospital. Dogs have plenty of room to socialize and play, while cats get a quiet place to chill out. 

We are able to accommodate any special requests or needs with no problems. Bring a blanket, prescription food, comfort animal, or anything else your pet needs to be mentally and physically well while you are away. 

Our dog boarding services do fill up, so we recommend that you reserve your pup’s spot once you know you have an upcoming trip. Send us an email or call us today at 914-723-1250 to save your pet a bed in our vet boarding facility.