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  • American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation: What Does It Mean?
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American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation: What Does It Mean?

American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation: What Does It Mean?

Central Animal Hospital's Elite Credentials

If you love your pet, you won't hesitate to search high and low for the highest standards of veterinary excellence on his behalf. But now your search is over -- and we can prove it. That's because our skilled team at Central Animal Hospital holds accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association, or AAHA.

Allow to us explain what this achievement means by explaining its source. The AAHA is the sole organizational body in the U.S. that recognizes veterinary excellence on a national scale. It was created by veterinarians for veterinarians, in 1933; then, as now, it awards accreditations to a select few veterinary clinics that merit national recognition for their quality. Accredited facilities benefit not only from the prestige and vote of confidence that accompany this achievement, but also from a wide range of resources intended to help them improve their operational skills and depth of knowledge from year to year. As accredited AAHA members, our entire team has access to these resources, meaning that we are also improving ourselves in our effort to provide the very best veterinary care possible.

Getting accredited by the AAHA is no easy task. Each applying practice is subjected to evaluation on no fewer than 900 different veterinary care standards. If you can imagine your business passing a 900-item checklist on its next professional evaluation, you can see why only 15 percent of the nation's veterinary hospitals are finally awarded with accreditation. Central Animal Hospital is one of those elite 15 percent.

Experience the Difference Accreditation Can Make

We make these statements not to brag, but to provide reassurance to Westchester County pet owners who want only the best for their companion animals. The very best way to know that you have made the right choice is to visit our facility and talk to our veterinarians in person. Contact Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale today to schedule a "getting acquainted" consultation today!

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I’ve been taking my dogs to Central Animal Hospital for four years. Dr. Donatella Hecht is the best, but all of the doctors and staff are all very helpful!"
    Cris Tina
  • "We’ve been using Central Animal Hospital for years. The veterinarians and staff are exceptional and if you need to board your pet, you can feel confident your pet will be in a safe and caring place."
    Cindy Guttman B.