4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Bird


4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Bird

avian veterinarian in Scarsdale answers bird questions.jpgIf you plan to purchase a bird as a “simple” alternative to owning a more demanding animal such as a dog, you should know that our feathered friends require their share of planning, preventative care, and occasional treatment for health conditions. Here are some considerations to keep in mind before you bring that new bird home, courtesy of the staff here at Central Animal Hospital:

Can you offer a bird-friendly environment? Bird ownership calls for an acute awareness of your new pet’s environment. For instance, you have to exercise caution in using aerosols or household cleansers, since even minute traces of airborne chemicals can sicken or kill a bird. You must also purchase a large enough cage to permit freedom of movement.

Do you know what your bird eats? Proper diet is crucial to avian health, and different bird species have different nutritional requirements. Do not assume you can merely feed your new pet a seed-only diet; while he may enjoy it, he will also become malnourished. Our avian veterinarian, Dr. Sills, can advise you on what to feed your pet.

Can you keep your bird’s cage clean? Birds that spend most of their lives in cages obviously have nowhere to eliminate but their own homes. A habitually dirty cage will not only upset your bird but will also expose him to potential diseases. You must be willing and able to change the bedding regularly.

Are you willing to commit to wellness care? Birds need regular checkups just as other animals do. These checkups typically include laboratory tests, a close look at exterior features such as plumage, and evaluation of vital signs. We can recommend a veterinary wellness schedule that suits your bird’s anticipated needs.

Our Exotic Animal Hospital Provides Bird Care

If you are willing to provide the proper care for your bird, bring him to our exotic animal hospital. We can keep him well and treat any illnesses that he may encounter.

Have you owned a bird before? Share your experience with us!