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Caring For Your New Puppy

Caring For Your New Puppy

Congratulations on acquiring a new puppy! Now that you have a new pet to tend to, there are a few puppy care steps that you need to take to keep your pet healthy. Contact Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians for a wellness visit or to handle any emergencies that arise. Below are some tips to help during your first days and weeks with your puppy.

Make An Appointment As Soon As Possible

It is extremely important to schedule an appointment for routine veterinary care as soon as you can do so. Our veterinarians will check over your puppy from nose to tail, ensuring there are no medical problems that need to be addressed immediately. We will discuss the importance of preventative measures like vaccinating, microchipping, and parasite medication for your puppy. If you do not plan on breeding your dog, spaying or neutering will also be discussed.

Get The Right Items For Your Puppy

Puppies are naturally curious and need plenty of attention. Purchase some toys for your puppy at a local pet supply store. Your puppy also needs a leash and collar for walks, a bowl, and a dish for water and food, and grooming supplies to keep your pet looking and feeling his best. Our veterinarian will discuss proper dietary needs for your puppy if you are unsure about what type of food to purchase.

Allow Your Puppy to Explore and Learn

While your puppy gets used to his new home and caretakers, it is important to take the time to safeguard the spaces he is allowed to access. Get down on all fours and check for sharp objects, chemicals, and small objects that your puppy may try to eat. After a safety check is performed, allow your puppy to explore his surroundings while you are there to monitor his actions.

Veterinary Care in Scarsdale, NY

If you need a checkup for a new puppy, contact Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale to make an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Call us today at 914-723-1250 to find out more about our veterinary services.


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