Central Animal Hospital Offers Avian Veterinary Care

Birds make enjoyable pets, with their lively personalities and social natures. These pets need special care, to protect them from predators and from escaping and from getting lost. Pet birds require regular veterinary care, just as other species do. At Central Animal Hospital in Scarsdale, NY, we offer experienced veterinary care for birds and many kinds of exotic pets.

Avian Veterinary Care

The Care of Pet Birds

Caring for pet birds is significantly different than caring for cats or dogs. A safe enclosure is of primary importance, and it should be large enough to allow space for comfortable eating, playing and moving around. Perches should be of non-toxic materials and should be positioned to suit the behaviors of your particular bird species. Choose bird food that is specifically formulated for your type of bird, and only allow your pet out of the cage after you have carefully secured the area and have made it safe for its movements.

Common Bird Ailments

As with other pets, birds may experience a number of illnesses and conditions. Psittacosis, or “parrot fever,” is caused by the Chlamydia bacterium, and can be passed from birds to other animals, as well as to humans. Candidiasis and other infections can also affect birds. Eye problems and respiratory infections may require veterinary treatment. External parasites and intestinal issues can also affect pet birds.

Your Veterinarian Can Help Your Pet Live A Longer Life

Veterinary experts recommend that new owners bring in their pet birds for an examination soon after getting their pet. Your vet in Scarsdale can do a thorough exam to determine if any contagious diseases are present that can be transmitted to humans or other animals. After the initial visit, you should bring in your bird for annual exams to ensure healthy development and continued good health. Blood and fecal tests help the vet ensure your pet is healthy and to find problems in the early stages.  Your Scarsdale veterinarian can also advise you on proper care for birds. If you notice any changes in your pet bird’s eating habits or behavior, your vet can investigate the problem and determine the right treatment.

Make Central Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Scarsdale, NY

The veterinarians and staff at Central Animal Hospital are committed to providing quality care for all their patients in Scarsdale, NY, Eastchester, Westchester, and Ardsley. We offer a range of veterinary services, including examinations, vaccinations, diagnostics, surgery, senior pet care, and boarding. Call Central Animal Hospital today at 914-723-1250 for an appointment to have your pet bird examined and to learn about our many services.